psy – paradise [translated lyrics]

September 25, 2012

A journey of only you and I(~haeng)

My heart towards you never changes(~hae)

I get captivated everytime i look at you(~hae)

Like a dream, you and I together(~kke)

We, without any words(~eobsi)

Without any solid destinations(~eobsi)

Away from that hectic world,(~jigo)

You and i are compass and map.(~jido)

Words that couldn’t be said,(~mal)

Words that we wouldn’t meet again,(~na)

But now only two of us in this car.(~sogae)

All of sudden, we’ve passed a hill (~gogae)

Rain, wind, world, and people (~ramdo)

Don’t ever stop us. we’re now fast(~bbalra)

The moment to leave the secular world that divided us (~chalra)

We’re now very fast(~bbalra)

Chorus feat. lee jae hoon (leader of kpop group, COOL)

I ride the same car with you (~tago)

I look at the same thing with you(~bogo)

I head towards the same place with you(~gosro)

That place must be paradise(~goya)

East coast we’ve rushed to(~haean)

That cool sound of sea is my heart(~naemam)

The nights i stayed up for you (~sanbam)

Can’t even count with my fingers and toes (~saenda)

No words needed, just stay together(~goya)

Confessing after so long time, i’m yours(~noya)

Feel so good, we going to shop(~doba)

I’m gonna cook, you just rince the rice(~gona)

Guess you’re tired, you fell asleep(~jago)

Meanwhile, i secrely study the cookbook(~pago)

Finally, having a lovely dinner(~hago)

Right here is the earthly paradise(~nakwon)

Rain, wind, world, and people (~ramdo)

Don’t ever stop us. we’re now different (~dalra)

Different from the past when i used to worry alone(~dalra)

We’re now much different(~dalra)

Chorus feat. lee jae hoon (leader of kpop group, COOL)

You and I face each other(~hago)

You and I live and breathe together(~shigo)

You and I in this same place together(~eso)

Here is the paradise(~goya) oh~

My tough yesterday because of you (~jega)

Has turned an accompaniment(translater: “side dish” to alcohol) today(~egoona)

It’s now my girl, not gonna let you go, never(~dae)

Hug me, in my arms, how cozy, how precious(~joonghae)

Even if you go back later(~rado)

Stay happy thinking of this day today(~saloh)

Even if you go back later(~rado)

Don’t forget me thinking of this day today(~maloh)

Chorus feat. lee jae hoon (leader of kpop group, COOL)

You and I face each other(~hago)

You and I live and breathe together(~shigo)

You and I in this same place together(~eso)

Here is the paradise(~goya) oh~

This is what my life is all about

It is all about you. [[END]]






Psy wrote lyrics to, composed this song in 2002.

I’m not sure but he took the intro melody (of course it’d be legitimate sampling if he did) from the famous song i’ll be missing you by puff daddy.

It’s my personal favorite PSY song (that i even cried for…) so i did some quick, clumsy translation.

(~ )is end syllable(s) of PSY’s rapping line (romanization of Korean), in case you guys want to match each Korean rapping line to each translated line.



March 25, 2010

during world history class someone sat right side of me. and her right side was the prof. since everyone is sitting in a circle for class discussion, i could naturally see both of  them at the same time. while discussing the market revolution and family roles, i caught this girl.

i was like looking at prof. but i was actually looking at that girl. but it was in the same direction anyway, no one could figure out what i was looking at. anyway, i was paying a constant attention to the person, and it’s blatantly clear who the person is.

while my ears might be directed to the professor, my eyes were definitely not, for there was someone else to foucs. observing every detail of the person, i was enjoying a great deal of happiness.

peculiar way the person pens on the notebook, the person’s round and glitter eyes towards her notes, clear-cut and cute hair falling down on shoulders, her cold but doll face concentrating, small feet that slightly touch the ground, the view from just left side of her was just ineffable.

i admit i was in a love.

‘why didn’t i know her before’ ‘is she sophomore?’ ‘what major is she?’ a series of questions passed through my brain. but i did participate in the discussion. actually i was one of the most active participants and talked quite a lot because i always go to class well-prepared, having read all the materials plus summarized all the details.

anyway it was a long but short two-hours class passing away. should i ask her for her phone number? how would i approach? spill my water on her? or i could ask something about the text. i was thinking of many ways and their effectiveness and feasibility.

eventually the class ended like a thunder. but faster than thunder was her leaving the class. i had to hurry up as well. i’m usually not a fast packer but i can be the fastest of all if i decide to. however, she just thrusted the door and ran so fast that i could not see her leaving. couldn’t lose her like this, i packed everything in few seconds and ran out the class as the second.

soon what i encountered shattered the window of my heart. it was her sunny smile and cute activeness that i witnessed for the first time. because there was another person in front of her. with a baseball hat, about 5′ 10” tall…i don’t want to recall the details… they were  flirting each other, they were touching each other, they were smiling and laughing each other…although so many people were on the hallway, they were the center of the universe.

stunned and speechless, i let a teared piece of my heart go away.  soon i realized that it was just same routine in my life. out of the hallway on my way home, i tried to erase my impression of the person but it was a tough job. it remained as a vivid video of memory in my brain.

noticing the traffic light had changed and all cars besides me had stopped their seemingly unending movement, I ran fast to the crossroad.